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Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko

Multi-talented, Hayley Kiyoko, is blazing her own musical trail with her debut EP, 'A Belle to Remember”. The multi-talented singer, songwriter and actress is best known for her acting roles in Disney Channel's hit movie, "Lemonade Mouth," top-rated series, "Wizards of Waverly Place," as well as her musical stint in the female pop singing group, The Stunners, who toured as an opening act for superstar Justin Bieber and had a top 3 request on L.A.'s KIIS FM...

What do you do when you are frustrated?

If I ever become too overwhelmed or frustrated I normally always call my parents and vent. Then I will sit down, make a to do list, drink some water and breathe.

Favorite nursery rhyme?

My favorite nursery rhyme is a song my dad wrote for me when I was born. He use to sing it to me every night before going to bed. It pretty much was a song filled with words that rhymed with Hayley.

Prettiest place you have ever been to?

The prettiest place I have ever visited was Cape Manazuru in Japan. It was absolutely unreal. I will always remember it as my special place.

I get excited when:

I get excited when: I'm about to get food.

What is your most embarrassing bookmark?

My most embarrassing bookmark? To be honest I can't even remember owning one. I was 'that girl' always bending the book pages.

Last time you wrote a letter?

The last time I wrote a letter must have been when I was 13. I wrote to a new friend I had made in Salt Lake City. We became pen pals

Word you always spell wrong:


Story behind the title of your EP "A Belle To Remember"?

I named my EP 'A Belle To Remember' because it was the perfect introduction title to my solo career. It introduces me and also makes a statement that this is only the beginning.

You have had success in acting, singing and dancing. Is there a career path you like more than the others?

I love every aspect of performing: dancing, singing, acting. They all stimulate me in different ways. I love keeping myself busy with new opportunities.

A lot of artists are going the fan-funded route. How did that experience work for you?

My fans are KIYOKRAZY!! They are beyond supportive and have helped launch my career in more ways than one. I couldn't have released my EP without them and they funded my current music video for 'A Belle to Remember'. I love them so much and can't wait to give back and meet all of them in person!!

Interview by Kara Johnson