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Heaven's Basement

Heaven's Basement: Quickie 10

UK rockers Heaven's Basement have revealed that their debut full-length album, set for a January 2013 release via Red Bull Records, will be entitled Filthy Empire. Produced by John Feldman (The Used, Papa Roach, Black Veil Brides), Filthy Empire holds twelve tracks of stunningly delivered, infectiously addictive, riotous rock that will undoubtedly satisfy patient fans who have anticipated this long-awaited debut and demand the attention of those yet to be won over.

1. Have you ever broke into your own house?
Many times!

2. Favorite Halloween candy?
Crackling candy!

3. Have you ever hid something under your mattress?
Yes, a fifty pence piece, for about 2 years, no idea why.

4. Big or small family?
Relatively big. 

5. Who taught you to drive?
I failed three tests due to having a profoundly deaf instructor (you would have thought I would have learned my lesson two tests in hey?) - The fourth test, I had changed tutors but the guy had road rage and a split personality so I unclicked my seatbelt and left the fucker at the side of the road!

6. Were you popular in high school?
Mediocre popularity at best! I had no interest in the asshole culture of people that believed they were above the rest, I just liked to hang with the people that had an open mind and more than two ounces of personality.

7. Strangest thing that has ever happened to you?
I was a (terrible) lighting technician at a club in my mid teens, the venue was haunted and one day whilst I was at the light desk somebody put their arms around my waist... But nobody was there...

8. You are in the midst of a large tour across Europe.  Are there plans to tour the U.S. in support of "Filthy Empire"?

9. Will there be any changes from the UK release of "Filthy Empire" and the U.S. release?
I never know whats going on from one day to the next, what day is it again? And where the hell is the shower?!

10. Are you surprised at the huge response to your video "Fire, Fire"?
Most certainly, it's a privilege to have been recognized.

Interview by Kara Johnson