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South Flo-ridian rapper Hi-Rez released his debut EP Beautiful Struggle on May 13, the first release from the newly re-launched Penalty Entertainment with RED Distribution.

Beautiful Struggle depicts the inner workings of the mind of a young hip-hop artist and what his journey toward success entails.

Last MP3 you ever bought?

My own EP beautiful struggle

Last time you got a haircut?

Like a month ago from my older brother lol

Strangest thing to happen backstage?

Nothing that I can think of off the top. We usually just chill and I attempt to relax and maybe meditate before going on stage. Pray a little. Maybe drink a little. Not much going on back stage.

Do you play any online games?

Ya sometimes. Mostly Xbox tho. And I like Netflix too which doesn't really have anything to do with your question.

Favorite car?

I'm not into cars so I don't know much about them. I like anything that gets me from point A to B. But when I'm rich I'm sure I'll be driving in some car that makes people say "he probably has a small penis"

What were you doing 24 hours ago?

I was in the studio with Cory Gunz recording some new music drinking kerby cups in Queens....kerby cups are like these dope hood ass frozen mixed drinks.

Do you ever get mistaken for someone else?

Only if I'm talking to a belligerently drunk girl and feel like messing around. Then I'll pretend I'm someone else. But na you either know me or don't. There's no mistaking me. I'm Rez. There will be only one Rez. Except when I die and they make a hologram of me to perform so the industry can still profit off me. Then, and only then will there be two Rez's.

Have you ever met triplets?

Yes. My girls little brothers & sisters are triplets. This is a weird question.

Any big tour plans coming?

I'm trying to hop on a major artists tour real soon. I already did my headlining thing and toured with a few artists also. I'm always on the road. But my goal now is to hop on a major tour with thousands of people coming out. Good way to get my name out there.

How has the audience response been to your new music?

Good and bad. Some people think I sold out because I signed a deal (even though it's independent, go figure). I've been releasing some ignorant strip club type records for fun and everyone takes them to seriously. But I have a lot of conscious shit up my sleeve that will shut everyone up. But I've realized you can't win them all over. People will love you and hate you...and none of them actually know you. It's a weird situation.

Peter Oberth
Interview by Peter Oberth
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