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J. Lewis

J. Lewis: Quickie 10

Hailing from the Dallas suburb of Coppell, Texas, this multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, vocalist and dancer grew up amidst a gumbo of musical influences worthy of his Louisiana roots. As a child, he counts Michael Jackson as his number one inspiration, along with Stevie Wonder, Prince, Steely Dan and the Beatles. As he grew, his tastes diversified. “I just really started listening to Hip Hop and R&B pretty much exclusively. I was a huge Craig David fan,” says Lewis. “And also just growing up, when I first started playing, definitely John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson.”

1. East Coast or West Coast?
West Coast!!! lol but I have so much love for the east. New york? Miami?? Get out here.

2. Do you own an iPad?
I wish. I got the iphone 4 and haven't talked myself into the ipad yet.

3. Old School or New School?
Old School.

4. My dream gift is:
My dream gift is a BMW M3….. Or new basketball shoes.

5. Do you work better when things are calm or chaotic?
i can do both. I'm a very non-dramatic person so I don't let stress get to me. Sometimes to a fault. lol.

6. What day did you feel like an adult?
Wow. Good question. I guess when I had to turn my first rent check in on my apartment…

7. Middle Name:
haha Patrick!

8. What would be your "totem"?
lol I don't know what a "Totem" is!!!

9. My favorite brand of clothing is:
I'm horrible with names but I like clean, urban looks…

10. What can fans look forward to from you in 2011?
a couple singles, an album, and a tour!!!

Interview by Kara Johnson