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J786: Quickie 10

J786 (http://j786.net/) is America’s first virtual artist. Like France’s popular electronic duo Daft Punk, J786 will only be seen in public in his robotic disguise. Additionally J786 is the only artist whose purpose in the music business is to raise funds and awareness for charity.

1. How many instruments do you play?
Piano and Guitar

2. Cylon or cyborg?

3. Who are some of your biggest influences?
Billy Joel, Depeche Mode, Sting, Peter Gabriel, James Brown, James Taylor, Jack Johnson, Bruce, Springsteen, Chuck Berry, Elvis, David Bowie, Led Zeplin, Eagles etc. 

4. What would you want as your last meal?
Tanshpashofa or fish and cattailsfish.

5. Mac or PC?

6. Can you share where your name J786 came from?
In 2016 there will be the fastes Intel Chip that will be named 786 with series starting at A ending with J. j being the fastest in the year 2021. J series of 786 CHIP will also be used in bionic controling of human body limbs as well Advanced artificial intelligence (AAI) applications.

7. What was the inspiration behind your robotic disguise?
Incredible development of superfast super miniaturized circuitry (SFSMC) of 786 CHIPS and other super intelligent CHIPS.

8. In your bio it says you will never reveal who you really are, but I have to ask if you are Bruce Wayne?
No Just simply J786 without an ego to worry about!

9. In 3 words explain your music:
Melody, rhythm and poetry

10. Could you tell people a bit about the organization you donate your profits:
Organization I purposely choose to work with is at the moment most active, sincere group of people working under the organization called association of Free Clinics (www.FreeClinics.US). Plight of uninsured Americans and the ruthlessness of our corrupt politicians along with their paymasters, the insurance corporations, have knowingly and selectively chosen to only enable those who can pay to keep the fat profits of America’s Corporate thugs. Free Clinics stands out uniquely alone in building a grass-root organization to extend their hands to help those who really need the most help in their fleeting spirit of loneliness, helplessness and despair.  

Interview by Kara Johnson