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Jared Evan

Jared Evan: Quickie 10

"I want my album to make people feel, I want to touch my listeners emotionally," Jared Evan states flatly. "I want to leave a musical impact; I want to alter the state of music. I want to offer something that’s never been—internally diverse but still with one single musical identity. I want rock heads and hip-hop heads and mainstream listeners to enjoy it all at the same time. I think with the mélange of sounds on it, it will be a classic album."

1. I'll never get over:
the night Diddy took me out in NY to discuss my music

2. Favorite quote:
"You're a fool until you're considered a genius"

3. What do you collect?
 vintage rock and roll T-shirts.

4. Club or bar?

5. Goals for the year?
My goal is to have the world hear and feel my music!

6. What are you afraid of?
Between you and I......spiders.

7. Where were you born?
New York

8. Are you still friends with any of your exs'?
A few of them, but most of the time no.

9. Do you get seasick?
Not often but it has happened.

10. What can people expect from your album "Fourth Chapter" (in one sentence)? 
A musical point of view!

Interview by Kara Johnson