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Keo Nozari

Keo Nozari: Quickie 10

Called a “newcomer to keep an eye on” by Billboard, pop singer/songwriter and celebrated DJ, Keo Nozari, has been heating up the NY music scene since his debut album, Late Nite VIP, dropped in 2005. Since then, Keo has been spinning at some of New York’s hottest clubs and celebrity parties, which the singer says has played a large role in recording his sophomore album, Love Boutique, “DJ-ing has been an amazing apprenticeship, learning what moves crowds and gets them excited on the dance floor.” Love Boutique features 11 original tracks written, produced, and performed by Keo, including his current hit single “Acceptable 2 U.”

1. If you could create a holiday what would you call it?
Believe it or not, Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. It's the day of love! Unfortunately, for many it's viewed as National Singles Awareness Day. So I would like to create a new day completely dedicated to the celebrating love of all kinds—between your friends, family, pets or even your favorite pizza delivery person. "Aphrodite Day"? Or speaking of pizza, another holiday I'd create is "Buffalo Chicken Pizza Day" -- that way there's an excuse to eat the whole pie with no regrets!

2. What helps you wake up?
My mom used to put ice cubes on my feet to get my up for school. But mostly I don't feel fully awake until 10pm. That may explain why my best work happens between 10pm-4am!

3. Where did you grow up?
In the cold state of warm-hearted people with quirky accents they call Minnesota.

4. Favorite color to wear?
My hair has a punk-rock, red stripe in it right now, so my favorites are black and grey to keep things simple and not too much like I've been cast in the new Muppet Movie as someone in Animal's band.

5. Do green M&Ms make you feel different?
The green ones are rumored to have aphrodisiacal powers, right? I can report they have no such affects on my body. But I can say the red ones make me hungry, the orange ones make me curious and the blue ones gross me out.

6. American Idol, The X Factor or The Voice?
American Idol, classic; The X Factor, new with great potential; The Voice, arguably the most talented hosts. But I would actually go across the pond and say X Factor UK – proven, sophisticated and fun!

7. Worst movie ever:
Likely something with lots of gratuitous blood and violence that I haven't seen yet!

8. Last dream you remember?
I have vivid dreams every night and mostly remember them! So I'd say last night when I dreamt Michelangelo wanted to talk to me about his new painting, but I was too busy cooking dinner with Giada De Laurentiis.

9. What was the inspiration behind your new album “Love Boutique”?
My songwriting is always inspired by my life—from the deepest, intimate moments to the most ridiculous and superficial. So I fashioned the album as this incredible store where no matter what your mood, you'll always find something that fits perfectly!

10. What’s the best way for fans to keep up with you?
Besides a *very* fast bicycle, I would say Facebook.com/KeoNozariMusic,  Twitter.com/KeoNozari or KeoNozari.com.

Interview by Kara Johnson