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Late In The Playoffs

Late In The Playoffs

Proving that the deep seeded pop-punk roots in the midwest are still rich in talent, Chicago's own Late In The Playoffs have just self-released their new record, Alive and On Your Own. Recorded at Maximum Sound Studio in Boston, MA, with producer Gary Cioffi (Transit, Misser), this is the band’s debut full-length, and a true testament to their combination of melodic pop and heavily rhythmic influenced sound. The release is a ten-track journey of love, loss, and finding yourself, balanced through the vocal stylings of singers Aaron Goldschmidt and Conor Page, creating a sound inspired in the vein of Motion City Soundtrack and The Starting Line.

Would you ever participate on a reality show?

Yes absolutely, although I never watch them. I mean...why not?

Month you were born?

August, a leo baby!

Last thing you treated yourself too?

Chicken Lettuce Wraps at PF Changs, and I am so happy about it.

What was your strangest fan interaction?

We had a fan who worked at a taco bell that we stopped at once, he was awesome and very stoked to have the band in the store, and gave us a ton of free food. very unexpected.

Any irrational fears?

I'm actually a little scared of swimming in deep water. as a kid i had a life jacket become water logged and start to actually sink me in a pool.

TV Channel you watch the most?

NHL Network, no question. Though comedy central pulls up a consistant and frequent second place.

Have you ever used Vine?

Sure have! follow us @litpomusic

Story behind your band name:

We were in mark michalik's drasik studios recording our first song as a band, and didn't have anything to save the session as. we had some failed attempts at forcing a band name, when somebody mentioned that Conor's grungy beard looked like a hockey player 'late in the playoffs'. it clicked and we just never looked back.

It has been 2 years since your EP. What are the biggest changes on your full length debut?

Wow has it really been that long? There are a couple big changes. The first EP was most made up of songs that Aaron had originally prepared for a previous band that we modified. This record was written all together as a band, and primary songwriting duties are now getting split between Aaron and Conor. Seeing them being able to write together is awesome, as they both bring something completely new to the table. We have really reached a comfortable point of collaborating with each other, and understand how each other play much better than we ever have before.

Was it difficult getting your LP release while going the independent route?

Absolutely! there are so many things that go into releasing album once it is written, and recorded. It took us an uncanny amount of time to get the songs ready for an actual release, including the mixing post production process. Even harder is everything else that comes with it, starting with just fighting for people to give the songs a chance, and actually promoting the release. As an independent artist you don't have a label or anyone fighting for you, so it really teaches you how to set and achieve goals.

Interview by Kara Johnson