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Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina: Quickie 10

Sixteen-year-old Lauren was the runner-up on Season 10 of American Idol. A record-breaking 122.4 million votes were cast for Lauren and winner Scotty McCreery, and 38.6 million viewers tuned in to see the finale. The project's debut single is "Like My Mother Does," which she performed first on American Idol. The video for "Like My Mother Does" was released on Monday and can be seen on CMT and GAC.

1. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I would guess at least 100.  I own about 41 pairs of cowgirl boots alone!  I love shoes!

2. What always makes you laugh?
Staring contests always make me laugh!

3. Are you superstitious?
Yes, I have lots of superstitions.  I get freaked about by black cats crossing my path and I don’t like to walk under ladders.  I also won’t kiss family or friends “goodbye” through the car window!

4. Do you wear a costume for Halloween?
Yes, every year.  I love Halloween!

5. What do you do for fun?
I love to talk on the phone and skype.  I love going to the movies and I love to swim!

7. Are you a backseat driver?
Yes, I have a great sense of direction.

8. First song you ever sang was:
“Swatting up the baby bumble bee” at age 2

9. What was the inspiration behind the album cover for "Wildflower"?
There really wasn’t an inspiration for the cover.  The title comes from a song on the album that I really identified with.

10. How is the American Idol Live! tour going and any plans on a solo tour in the future?
We wrapped up the American Idol Tour.  I just recently put together my own band and they are great!  We will be doing lots of promo and the hope is to officially tour sometime in the new year.

Interview by Kara Johnson