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Leah Renee

Leah Renee: Quickie 10

We sat down with Leah Renee to ask some pretty stupid questions, hoping for some pretty stupid answers.

Paris Hilton had MTV audiences glued to her 2008 search for “My New BFF,” but that phrase is old news thanks to emerging pop singer/songwriter Leah Renee’s clever introduction of “iBF,” the new, short form slang for “Imaginary Boyfriend.” The three letters will no doubt be the subject of millions of text messages the minute her new single “iBF (Imaginary Boyfriend)” breaks on pop stations all across the country. Co-written by Leah and produced by The SupaSonics and Jay Deasel, the ultra-infectious, high impact track is creating a new “rhythm-crossover” fusion in pop music and is just a sizzling taste of what’s coming as the independent label, Scion Music Group, rolls out her highly anticipated debut CD Storybook later this year. The 11 song collection marks the multi-talented singer and performer’s emergence as a songwriter as well.

Collaborating with the project’s main producers The Conglomerate, Leah joins an impressive roster of superstars they have penned and helmed hits for over the past few years including Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, LL Cool J, Joss Stone, Kelly Clarkson and Craig David. Leah’s ascension in the music industry follows years of establishing a fascinating and diverse resume as a commercial, film and television actress. In recent years, she appeared as a recurring character in the CW series “Runaway,” with Donnie Walhberg. Currently, Leah voices the character of Chris-Alice on Discovery Kids’ popular animated production “Growing Up Creepie, and she is also well-known as the voice of “Beaver” in the long-running series “Franklin The Turtle.”

1. Do you know how to change a tire?
Kinda......sorta.....not really.

2. Favorite movie genre?
Romantic comedies.

3. If you changed your name what would you change it too?

4. Sweet or sour?
A little bit of both! Sour Patch Kids are AMAZING!

5. Favorite summer activity?
Swimming in the ocean or a lake. Strawberry picking. Going for nice long walks. Chasing down ice creams trucks and enjoying a chocolate dipped cone. Hanging out with friends and family at a cottage. (I know there's a lot..sorry..I LOVE summer!!)

6. How old were you when you started dating?
I was 16.

7. Do you show up on time?
I always try to be 10 minutes early...being late makes me feel nauseus. ha

8. Favorite candy bar?
Crispy Crunch!!! YUM!

9. My favorite phrase to overuse is:
Going down in flames!!!

10. I can not wait until…
I see my very first music video "iBF" on tv...I could possibly faint.

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Interview by Peter Oberth
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