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Linus Young

Linus Young

After the outfit's inception in 2013, Linus Young made a big entrance into the indie rock scene with the release of debut single, "City of Sin," surprising critics with an impressivly refined sound and landed the band direct support slots on tours including ZZ Ward and The 1975.

Someone you miss right now?

JOE: Charles Harper jr.  (Linus youngs bass player)

IRIS: I miss my sister a lot. We're very close and she's having her first baby so I wish I could be there more for her.

Ever enter a talent show?

JOE: If battle of the bands counts, then yes.

IRIS: I did the talent show at my school every year from 8-17. I was really shy and I always knew I loved to sing and perform so that was the best way to break out of my shell and get over stage fright.

Do you subscribe to any magazines?

JOE: I do not..the closest would be having a friend give me his old golf digest magazines.

IRIS: I don't subscribe to magazines but when I was young I was apart of the baby sitters club book club and goosebumps book club and they got sent to my house every few weeks.

Song that defines your childhood?

JOE: Beethoven's 5th Symphony.

IRIS: I don't know if I have a song that describes my childhood but I'd say jock jams could sum it up

Do you live near family?

JOE: My L.Y. family lives a block away.

IRIS: My family is literally scattered around the world from new Mexico, New Jersey, New York, Florida and Iceland so I consider my friends my family that I got to choose

Something you hoard?

JOE: Hotel key cards and shoes. I love my shoes.

IRIS: I'm a shoe and clothes fanatic!

Once you are finished with this interview what are you going to do?

JOE: Ride my bike to the studio to jam with my thoughts.

IRIS: As soon as I'm done with this I'm going to cheer on my good friend Todd Frazier of the Cincinnati Reds as his team is playing the dodgers here in LA!

Have you ever had a housewarming party?

JOE: Hmmm I probably have. I tend to enjoy a good party.

IRIS: I've never personally had a house warming party but I do like to throw dinner parties :)

How important has social media been to the popularity of your music?

JOE: I think it has been very important since we are a new band.  Until recently we only had one song out. We just released anouther song called “Sister" it's great to have people who love the music and want to share it.

IRIS: Social media has helped our band out tremendously. Having some amazing blogs discover our band thru our “City of Sin" video really helped us get the word out. It's all word of mouth and the fastest way word travels now is thru social media

What do you feel is your most important song that you perform?

JOE: Man that's a tough one, I think every song is important they all tell a different story you know? So its up to me when i walk on the stage to make each song or story important to what you’re going through at that moment.

IRIS: I think “Sister" is definitely one of those records we perform that really showcases great vocals and incredible guitar playing from Joe. I think it gives the audience a taste of what we have to offer.

Interview by Kara Johnson