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Duality and individuality are overriding themes in the music of MACEDO—the surname of twin sisters Michelle and Melissa, who have taken a lifetime of creative energy and talent and produced their emotionally compelling, richly textured indie pop debut “FLAGS AND BOXES”. Born and raised in Pasadena, California, Michelle and Melissa Macedo were initially influenced by both Portuguese and Indian music as their father emigrated to the U.S. from the former Portuguese colony of Goa in India. Immersed in music and the arts at an early age, they nurtured their unique artistic leanings in close quarters both literally and psychologically. The concept of duality emerged in their work as they began confronting their individual identities—the girls are basically opposites in nature and temperament yet are connected by that inexplicable emotional bond shared by twins. In addition, the concept of” home” and questions related to a sense of belonging come to the forefront as they deal with their biracial East Indian/European background.

Are you scared of needles?

Mostly, Yes! We both feel this way. It ALL DEPENDS ON what kind of needle, acupuncture, tattoos, or BIG ASS SHOTS! definitely don't like injections! Gross and terrifying.

Have you ever borrowed something and never gave it back?

MELISSA: I have a really festive pair of halloween shorts that never made it back to one of our best friends houses since I took them in high school. I hope she doesn't come looking for it.

MICHELLE: I have lots of pj pants that are ... eccentric.. that I have borrowed from friends over the years. It's a great collection now and I can probably name each person they came from.

Do you use Cloud storage?

Yes, love it!

Last word you said:

"Shadow" because we were trying to convince our little kitten to come hang out with us and that is her name!

You always make time for:

Melissa: Working out
Michelle: Eating

What city are you from?


Do you ever have cash on you?

MELISSA: YES, always

Have you ever kept a journal/diary?

MICHELLE: I have kept a journal since 3rd grade. I write in it almost everyday and have huge bookshelves full of all my journals since then, each journal has such a specific look that it takes DAYS to shop for the perfect new journal. When I finish a journal I feel so accomplished. Sometimes I think think that if an alien civilization came to earth long after we're gone maybe one of my crazy journals is all they'll have to know the human race by! So I always write as descriptively as possible.

MELISSA: Yes, for as long as I can remember. I like to keep travel journals especially. I don't write every day but try to catch up.

Growing up, did you have always have a feeling that you would make music together?

We used to be SO shy that we would only talk to each other. We were the only ones that knew we could sing or write songs. Nobody heard anything until much later. We were always creating and singing together, just nobody else heard it. We were very VERY quiet in front of other people.

How important was your time apart from each other in creating Macedo's sound?

It was extremely important because we were able to develop as our own people and have different experiences and influences which means we had MUCH more to bring to the table creatively. If we stayed together and did everything the same it would fall flat. We grew so much artistically on our own once we learned to rely on ourselves.

Interview by Kara Johnson