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Maria Taylor

Maria Taylor

Saddle Creek veteran, Maria Taylor, has released an album teaser video for her upcoming album, Something About Knowing, which is available now. While Maria has already gained widespread recognition as one-half of the dream-pop duo Azure Ray, released four solo albums and an EP and collaborated with esteemed musicians including Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes), Michael Stipe (R.E.M.), Jim Eno (Spoon) and Moby, her prolific career has only scratched the surface of what the Alabama-based artist has to say.

Do you read your horoscope?

I used to read astrology zone. ( susan miller) but i haven't checked my horoscope in a couple of years.

What's the biggest thing to overcome?

Fear of change

Last thing you DIY'd?

What in the hell is a DIY?

Do you bookmark websites?

Yes, maybe once every 6 months!

Thing you miss most while on the road?

I try to take the things and people i love with me!

Do you believe in Murphy's law?


Hard or soft pillow?

Soft and real fluffy

Have you ever put a video on Vine?


You recorded part of this album, in a very indie way, in your friend's garage. Does recording in this manner as opposed to a studio add a different feeling to your music?

I think the feeling is the same, but the house around the feeling looks a little different.

You would create a lot of your music while your new son was taking naps. Did you ever find yourself mistakenly writing kid's music?

Is this a trick question? i'll say, " no" and then you'll be laughing saying, " that's not what we think;)"

Interview by Kara Johnson