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Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Canada-born singer-songwriter / guitarist Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (MBF) released his debut full-length album for Trauma 2 Records, Yes, on August 27th. We speak with Michael about some other stuff...

What was your first word?

My first phrase was "make it rain"

Strangest thing that has ever happened to you?

In the early years I was offered a belt sander in lieu of payment. I refused as I couldn't think of anything that needed sanding

Greatest lyrics ever?

"my traveling companion is nine years old, he is the child of my first marraige" -Paul Simon

What or who is your muse?

food. I suffer from grown-man-food-based meltdowns. I probably have other muses, but food fuels it all.

Do you have or have you ever had any bumper stickers on your car? If so what?

I had a sticker on my back window once. It was a sticker for a local Calgary skate shop that said: Mission - crush kill destroy.

Is your phone passcode protected?


City you were born in?


Have you ever gotten a ticket?


Were you nervous making the leap from Canada into the arguably more crowded U.S. scene?


You are known to write songs quickly. What is the longest it has taken you to finish a song?

A year. Sometimes I start writing a song and then forget about it for a while.

Interview by Kara Johnson