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Mint Condition

Mint Condition: Quickie 10

Two decades on, Mint Condition stands along with The Roots as the only high-profile examples of a self-contained, hit-making Black music band, and with Mint's emphasis on songs and great singing, the sole band carrying on the great tradition of R&B funk bands such as Earth, Wind & Fire, The Meters, War, The Commodores, Lakeside, Slave and many more that were an important, progressive element of the black music scene in the Seventies and Eighties.

1. Favorite professional sports team?
Minnesota Lynx (Women's B-Ball)

2. Listener or Talker?

Listener & Dreamer

3. Are there any movies you can quote word for word?

Most of Eddie Murphy's "Coming To America".

4. What would you like to do tomorrow?
Fly to the Greek Islands, read books & write songs on the rock beaches for at least 2 & half weeks.

5. Favorite condiment?
A hybrid of hot sauce & salsa, new name would be 'halsa'.

6. If money wasn't a concern what would you buy first?

A G5 plane with a long runway & a dedicated pilot to roll to & from gigs at a moments notice. Park it right in front the house
7. Have you ever won a trophy?
Basketball & football

8. You don't see a lot of R&B bands today that play all their own instruments.  Do you feel that is a dying breed?
I/ we haven't seen any new ones to come out that are the actual band & artist. I wouldn't say it's dead but it might be in trouble for sure.

9. After over 2 decades in the industry, you have seen a lot of genres come and go. Why do you feel that R&B continues to stand the test of time?
Because its still a common musical thread to most popular music. It's easily accessible.

10. Have you found yourself adjusting your sound to fit with the times or do you feel that you are the same Mint Condition from 1991?
In order to be successful & honest in whatever you do, one must keep integrity & also evolve, be aware of one’s surroundings. Kind of like one foot in the past & one in the future.    


Interview by Kara Johnson