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Namesake: Quickie 10

It's not often that a group of still-teenaged gentlemen form a band and all bear their father's name. But that's exactly the case with the appropriately titled Atlanta, Georgia group, Namesake. Comprised of vocalist Will Crafton, guitarists Brad Wagner and Troy Harmon, and drummer Kevin Nordeste, in addition to their "name" connection, all share a knack for penning hard-edged, highly melodic pop tunes, as evidenced by their debut album, 'Borders & Fences,' and such song as "Worlds Away" (the album's first single), "Saturday," "A Million Good Reasons," and the title track - Border & Fences.

1. First big purchase you made?
Bought a van to come see everyone's pretty faces!

2. If you could be a superhero, you would be...
Batman of course.

3. Height:

4. Last time you were nervous?
Well I asked out this really hot blonde girl one time. Needless to say, I got the butterflies. It's funny, I can get up on stage in front of a TON of people, but when it comes to the ladies I'm still a little shy. Hahaha!

5. Favorite outdoor activity?
Wake Boarding

6. Have you ever graffiti something?
Sadly no. Although I do have this special piece of concrete in downtown Atlanta with my name on it. I'm gonna spray "Long Live The Reckless" all over that baby

7. What's one thing you do differently than alot of other people?
I'm pretty weird honestly, my outlook on life in general is quite different. Long live the reckless baby

8. Elevator buttons, do you push once & wait or keep pushing until it arrives?
One time is enough for me, it'll come.

9. What has been the biggest surprise in the whirlwind of signing, recording and touring almost right out of high school?
It was really crazy. It was a dream come true and a ton of work. I guess the biggest surprise was how much it makes you grow up. I feel like I am beyond my years as a musician and a human being.

10. The pop-punk sound was at its peak in the 90s.  Being 19-20 year olds, what inspired you to pick this sound as your genre?
I don't feel like pop - punk really died. I mean Blink 182 got back together and has had unrelenting success, obviously people still want to hear this sound

Interview by Kara Johnson