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Nova Rockafeller

Nova Rockafeller

We talk with Nova Rockafeller about TLC, hula hoops and her black soul

Can you hula hoop?

I'd choose not to.

Favorite joke?


First song you learned to perform?

TLC - no scrubs

Can you eat with chopsticks?


Have you ever made a prank phone call?

i STILL make prank phone calls.

Are you wearing socks right now?

one, it's hot pink with music notes on it. thanks grandma.

If you could dye your eyes any color what color would you choose?

Black like my soul.

This weekend I will:

play lasertag, get really stoned, play guitar, play risk, go to studio, get really stoned.

Any big tour plans coming?

nobody tells me shit

When do you plan on going back into the studio?

every day of my life.

Peter Oberth
Interview by Peter Oberth
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