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Printz Board

Printz Board

We talk to Printz Board about a bunch of things, barely any of which actually have relevance to anything...

Biggest influence?

My Biggest influence is my Grandfather, John E. Board. RIP.

Are you a perfectionist?

I’m a virgo, which equates to – perfectionist. I don’t like half steppin’

Last magazine you read?

Food & Wine magazine alongside Complex magazine

Last reservation you made?

At a Korean Spa in Korea town

First band/artist you remember hearing and loving?


Muffin or bagel?


Tomorrow I'm going to:

Box, Eat, and call my Grandma

Do you have plants?

Yes, I have fresh lilies every Monday and a wheatgrass planter.

You are known well amongst musicians and are starting to gain more ground in popular music. Was that the planned roll out for your career?

Yes. Everything’s going according to plan precisely. I like tackling different areas of the music industry and putting my stamp on ‘em.

Are you planning a full length release to follow-up 'Pre Games'?

Yes. I’m planning to release “Board Games” to follow-up ‘Pre Games’ as it should be…

Interview by Kara Johnson