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Rocket & The Ghost

Rocket & The Ghost

Rocket & The Ghost are set to bring their explosive brand of rock n' roll to the masses with their upcoming EP. With influences that span from Johnny Cash and Led Belly to Jack White and The Cold War Kids, there's no doubt that their customized version of rock n' roll storytelling will blow you away.

Do you use an alarm clock or the alarm on your phone?

I use the alarm on my phone because I like to customize what sounds I'm going to wake up to. Alarm clock sounds can be so piercing and alarming. My phone has less oppressive options, but I swear they make it too easy to hit snooze again and again and again.

Greatest person to work with?

Anyone who is easy to work with and brings out the best product in the end. Also, they have to agree with everything I say.

Ever worked in customer service?

Sometimes I feel like being in a band is like working in customer service, only you're not getting paid every time and all the customers are drunk.

Do you apologize to inanimate objects when you bump into them?

No, but I want to fight inanimate objects when I get my headphones caught on them. Instant rage.

Last movie you paid to see?

Psycho on Halloween. I can't remember the last time I went to a movie in New York and nobody talked. It might have been my favorite movie experience.

Have you ever purposely saved room for dessert?

I'm not a dessert person. Recently somebody told me they love cookies and seltzer…together. That's not a thing!

Are you good at wrapping presents?

I'm great at wrapping presents.

Go to cold weather clothing?

Leggings have saved my life every single winter. I borrowed a pair from my girlfriend one year and have never looked back since. Game changer fellas.

How has the "name your own price" method on Bandcamp worked out for you?

Fine I guess. We're not ready to retire off our Bandcamp money yet although we could probably buy a decent blazer between the 5 of us. We could work out a system for who gets to wear it on which alternate tuesday. Also, We're on iTunes. It's been a bit more accessible for some people I think.

How did you narrow down your music catalog to just the few that are on your EP?

We didn't have a choice at the time. There weren't that many songs to choose from. The 5 on the EP are the ones we liked most at the time. Our new ones are better now so I think it's gonna be studio time again soon!

Interview by Kara Johnson