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Shane Harper

Shane Harper: Quickie 10

Pop-rock fans may remember 18-year-old Shane Harper from his video for "Dance With Me," which made a splash on the pop music scene last summer. Since then the triple threat actor, dancer, and musician has been busy writing and recording his self-titled debut album with industry hit-maker Adam Anders, the musical producer for Glee.  The 9-song record is available now on iTunes, and features his latest single "One Step Closer."  Fans can stream the Jason Mraz-influenced track now on Shane's YouTube page.

1. Sunglasses or Squint?

2. Have you ever wrote out a check?

3. Favorite Store?
Book store

4. Are you a procrastinator?
Unfortunately, Yes

5. If you could be a cartoon character who would you be?

6. Do you get bored often?

7. Duck, Duck, or Goose?

8. What were you doing 3 hours ago?
In my room writing a song

9. How do you feel being an actor has influenced your musical career?

It's very fun for fans of my acting to make the connection and realize I make music as well! I also feel like the creativity involved in playing a character inspires my song writing.

10. How did you start working with Adam Anders for your album?
He found me on MySpace

Interview by Kara Johnson