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Spencer Sutherland

Spencer Sutherland

Spencer Sutherland is a self-taught pop singer/songwriter from a small town outside of Columbus Ohio. His incredible vocal range and tone delivers his own stylistic combination of Pop meets RnB. He has opened for Emblem3, MKTO, Ariana Grande, Big Time Rush and many others!

He is also working on his EP with Grammy winning song writers/producers like Andreas Carlsson, Andreas Oberg, also Johnny Andrews and O.A.R band member/producer Jerry DePizzo. He recently recorded a duet cover of "Everything Has Changed" with Stefanie Scott of Disney's Ant Farm which is available on iTunes. The song premiered on USA Today and the video on Entertainment Tonight. Spencer also has just released his debut single "Heartstrings", which is already getting radio play! Pick up "Heartstrings" on iTunes!

Fastest way to your heart?

I would say the fastest way to my heart is determination. When someone has an awesome work ethic and is dedicated, it really hits a personal spot with me.

Do you take lots of photos?

Yes I do! I post every day on Instagram! Whatever I’m doing, I like to keep fans in the loop! Check me out on instagram @spencermusic1!

How much money is acceptable to spend on a first date?

I think 20 dollars is totally fine! For me, a movie and coffee is a great first date because it’s about spending time with the person you’re with.

TV show you would love to have a guest spot on?

I would love to have a guest spot on Pretty Little Liars, because the story is so intense! Also, it would be cool to be a Zombie extra on The Walking Dead!

Last time you were really sick?

I think in 8th grade when I had Mono. I literally didn’t leave my bed for a week and I lost like 10 pounds!

Have you ever put something in a time capsule?

Yes I have! I put an essay on what I think the future will be like when I was in 2nd grade. I can’t wait to go back in 2025 to see what I thought! I remember saying that I thought we were going to have hover boards instead of skateboards.

Name of the last school you attended?

Pickerington High school North. Awesome teachers and awesome school.

Food your family makes that you love the most?

My dad makes the best pizza in the world. I try to eat healthy, and he makes it so hard haha.

Having come off some big performances with Ariana Grande and Emblem 3, do you have any plans for touring in 2014?

Lots of touring plans! I can’t wait to get out on the road and meet all the amazing fans! Traveling and live performance are two of my most favorite things ever!

You are inspired by and have performed with a lot of former "Disney kids". Have you ever tried to become one yourself?

I don’t think that I’ve ever really tried to become a certain kind of artist. When it comes to my music, I’ve just kind of always been myself! It’s been awesome performing with other Disney acts like Stefanie Scott, and I’m so lucky to get to do so!

Interview by Kara Johnson