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Middle class rap hero, Spose, has announced that he will be releasing a new album, The Peter Sparker Mixtape, via his own label, Preposterously Dank Entertainment, on June 10th. One of Maine's most beloved artists, Spose landed himself on the map with his international hit single, "I'm Awesome," which was certified "gold" after selling over 800,000 digital copies in a few short months-- scoring him a recording contract with Universal/Republic Records and bringing in 12 million YouTube views in 2010. Spose would later cut ties with the major label, independently releasing The Audacity! in 2012, which reached #6 on the iTunes hip-hop album chart. The Peter Sparker Mixtape is the first of two free albums Spose will be dropping in 2013. Watch the music video for "I'm Done" off the upcoming release...

Something no longer made that you wish would be brought back?

Snapple used to make a bunch of drinks they discontinued but my favorite one was called "Rain." It came in a silver bottle and the first time I ever intentionally drank vodka when I was 14 with my friend Zack B, it was mixed with "Rain." It was amazing, too. They should bring Rain back.

Favorite person you follow on Twitter?

My favorite person on Twitter is the producer Benny Blanco because he makes pop records but he clowns on the music industry a lot. Having been signed to Universal in 2010, I know how much of a "lets-copy-this-other-song" game the music industry is. Hearing somebody as successful and innovative as Benny Blanco clowning on A&R dudes and label heads always entertains me.

Who was the first celebrity you met?

When I was in 6th grade, I met Blink 182. This was before Travis Barker joined the band. At the time, they were touring on the album "Dude Ranch" and my hair was dyed blue-green. I went to an in-store signing and Mark Hoppus said something hilarious/humiliating about my absurd hair as he was signing my poster.

What food do you want the most when you are starving?

When I'm starving I always want Taco Bell. My go-to T-Bell items are as follows: 7 layer burrito, Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Beef Gordita Supreme, and, now, the Dorritos Cool Ranch Locos Tacos Supreme.

Favorite adjective:


App you use the most:

iBooks. I just read the entire Stephen King "The Dark Tower" series on my iPhone over the past few months. I always have played the shit out of Star Wars Angry Birds.

Wall-E or Johnny 5?

My daughter is four and can do a mean Wall-E impression, so I gotta go with the little dude.

The story behind the title of your upcoming album "The Peter Sparker Mixtape":

Like all rappers before me I developed a few aliases in addition to Spose. My real name is Ryan Peters so if you make Peter Parker (Spiderman) into Peters Parker and move the 's' over, you've got Peter Sparker: the ultimate stoner middle class rap super-hero. I have been "Peter Sparker" to my friends since like 2005 so it's long overdue that my best alter-alias would get his own mixtape.

You run your own label. Was this always a goal of yours or did it come out of your experiences with a major label?

I started my own label the same month I signed to Universal in 2010. They gave me a bunch of money and I had a lot of talented friends I wanted to help out, so I used my advance to put out albums by Educated Advocates, Cam Groves, Doctor Astronaut, and Lady Essence. When I left Universal, I used my label to self-release my albums "Happy Medium" and "The Audacity!" I did always want to own a label and it's a lot of stress and work but also a dream come true for me.

The Eminem comparisons are unavoidable just like the Vanilla Ice references were inevitable for him. Has that been a hindrance for you at all?

No, I would say being compared to Eminem is more of an asset rather than a hindrance. Eminem is one of my favorite artists ever so it's an honor if I can get any sort of comparison to him. He's the god emcee to me. Him, Biggie, and Jay-Z are my favorites. I'd gladly accept a comparison to any of them.

Interview by Kara Johnson