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Terraplane Sun

Terraplane Sun

Hailing from Venice, California, TERRAPLANE SUN is comprised of frontman Ben Rothbard, guitarist Johnny Zambetti, bassist Cecil Campanaro, keyboardist Gabe Feenberg and drummer Lyle Riddle.

What type of phone do you carry?


Have you ever shopped at a thrift store?

We mostly only shop at thrift stores

What animal scares you?


One thing that makes you geek out?

Music Trivia

Favorite reality show?

Amish Mafia

Any games you play while on the road?

Darts and Bacci Ball

What fictional character do you identify with?

Dewey Cox

Restaurant you go to the most:

La Salsa

You have had a lot of exposure on television with your music. Has that helped gain a new fan base?

Definitely has increased the awareness of our music, and repeatedly gives people that "ahh that's where I've heard you before" moment. It has also been helpful getting international exposure.

You just completed a tour of the West Coast. Any plans to get to the rest of the country soon?

Hoping to be touring extensively late summer through the fall!

Interview by Kara Johnson