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The Axis of Awesome

The Axis of Awesome: Quickie 10

The Axis of Awesome are The World’s Most Awesomest Comedy Band. In the incredible time that they have been together, they have done literally so much stuff. They have blown audiences away across Australia and around the world with their mixture of original comedy songs and pop parodies.

Their Four Chord Song is one of the highest rated comedy video of all time on YouTube, and has received over 20 million hits. They have made TV appearances in Australia, the UK and Sweden and their albums “Scissors, Paper, ROCK!” and “Infinity Rock Explosion” and DVD “The Axis of Awesome Live” are hits with audiences worldwide.

1. What's in your car's cup holder?
A smaller car and inside that car's cup holder an even smaller car and inside that car's cup holder is the tiniest can of Dr Pepper you have ever seen!

2. Guilty pleasure?
Eating endangered turtle eggs out of an elephant's horn and washing it down with a stolen drink.

3. Worst date you have ever been on:

Taking my mother to the high school dance, what was I thinking? She was way too classy for that place.

4. Nicknames:
Your Grace, My Lord, Your Royal Highness etc.

5. Do you have any compulsions?
Lying in interviews

6. I will watch any movie that has __________ in it

7. Optimistic, Pessimistic, or Realist?
Octopessimistic... I generally have a pretty bad attitude around anything with more than six legs.

8. Do you believe in coincidences?
Yes... I believe it is quite possible for two or more events to occur at the same time.

9. Why is your new album called "Animal Vehicle"?
There's a song on there called Birdplane which is an Animal and a Vehicle. Did I mention I believed in coincidence?

10. Which 3 tracks should everyone hear off of "Animal Vehicle"?
How to write a love song, can you hear the fucking music coming out of my car and our brand new version of 4 Chords. But if you buy the album you may as well listen to all the tracks. I mean it's up to you but you might as well.

Interview by Kara Johnson