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The Hollows

The Hollows

The Hollows are a group of multi-instrumentalists; a freewheeling hootenany of a band. A veritable junkyard of mandolins, banjos, guitars, accordions, horns, harmonicas, and various other musical doodads are in constant rotation. With no frontman (or six frontmen), everyone writes and arranges material, creating a diverse and uniquely blended sound. We talk to Jeff, one of the....frontmen....

Sore loser or Gracious Winner?

Hey, it's all how you play the game right? Right?

You can have dinner with 3 people dead or alive. Who do you choose?

Snoop Lion, Salvador Dali, Norm Abram, Baryshnikov

How did you come up with the name of your band?

Just like with every other decision in the band: we went round and round the table until everyone said yes.

How long was the longest set you have played?

We've done a few weddings which have approached andexhausting 3.5 hours... that really sucks the energy outta ya.

Favorite person to spend time with when you were a child?

My family, obviously-- still have such special times when we are all together. But generally, anyone who wanted to hang out and play had my attention.

Have you milked a cow?

I've tried. It's harder than you might think. My mom grew up on a farm in Iowa. I've heard plenty of stories about how she used to squirt the barn cats as she was doing her daily chore.

Do you wear shoes in your house?

I do. But usually not for very long. I enjoy the luxury of slipping into my house slippers as soon as I can... it's the little things.

What was the name of your first pet?

Stark black cat called Bagel. My only real memory of her is that she bit my big toe.

You are funding your second album through PledgeMusic. With crowd-sourcing becoming a huge part of music production, do you see major labels attempting to adjust to this in the future?

I'm not sure. Larger companies are certainly in a different position to be able to conduct business. They've always had investors and advertisers and resources to work within the industry. With crowd-funding, the artist has the opportunity to be in control. We no longer need to wait for a label to provide us with opportunities or dictate our path. That's the major difference. Something like Kickstarter is still only a few years old, so I imagine it'll continue to evolve as it becomes more mainstream. It's interesting to listen to the debate as more "established" musicians or actors begin to use crowd-funding, whether it's Amanda Palmer or Ben Folds Five or Zach Braff… we'll see what happens.

Being from New York, you were directly affected by Hurricane Sandy. Did that factor in to your tour and/or recording plans for your upcoming album?

As individuals, we were very lucky that we weren't really directly affected-- we had some minor flooding in our rehearsal space, but that was it. Others we know weren't so fortunate, though-- and yes, as New Yorkers, we were affected in that our city was hit pretty hard. We did a small tour about a month before Sandy and then didn't tour again until this past March; Neverending Show was live and had all been recorded already, and we're not recording the next studio album until early 2014, probably-- so in terms of the band's schedule, nothing was really affected. We've played a couple of benefit shows though, and organized some donations; helped out volunteering on an individual basis, etc. Together Together, right?

Interview by Kara Johnson