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The Script

The Script: Quickie 10

It is a heart-rending drama of tragedy and triumph, love and loss, struggle and survival, the epic journey of three young Dublin boys from the wrong side of the tracks who risk everything for a dream.

This is THE SCRIPT. But the ending is not yet written.

Glen Power (28): Taciturn drummer and multi-instrumentalist, the funkiest white man in Dublin. "My mother always said to find one thing in life that you're good at and the day I picked up the sticks I found it."

1. The best thing to happen this week is:
Got 2 days off! Went home to Dublin to see the family ;-)

2. First movie in a theaters to see?

3. What did you want to be when you grew up?
A Musician.

4. What animal creeps you out?

5. Ever seen a ghost?
Yes, in the mirror on Sunday morning after a good nite out!

6. Name 3 things that are physically close to you:
1. Magazine 2.Life jacket 3. Seat belt.

7. Do you burn incense?
Yes, all the time.

8. Worst job you had?
Getting Tarrif numbers working at Fedex.

9. Do you use twitter?

10. If so what is your user name?

Interview by Kara Johnson