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Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers – a lively & hard-working band formed in 2007 by frontman Ron Gallo, started out as just a duo, fluctuated between a cast of upwards of 12 players, then eventually settled into a solid 5-piece who love a good song and dance with no pretense or wall between the band and audience (as members often times ending up in the crowd). The group, consisting of Gallo (lead vocals, guitar), Dominic Billett (drums), Bill McCloskey (bass), Matt Kelly (guitar), and Luke Leidy (keys), spent most of 2012 playing hundreds of shows up and down the East Coast and in their hometown of Philadelphia, tearing through dive bars, festival stages and even theaters with their soulful brand of rock n' roll music.


Do you own a tape measure?

No, I just rent mine.

Ever been to a Red Carpet event?

I was in an all white carpeted room at the time of a murder scene once. Does that count?

Ringtone or vibrate?


Worst vegetable?

Popcorn jelly beans.

Last time you had over guests?

When we filmed "Clue".

How long was your last performance?

Life is just one big modern dance piece.

Who would you like to give a shout out too?

John Daly, Country Musician/Professional Golfer and Aubrey Plaza.

Want kind of perfume/cologne do you wear?

Bottled campfire.

You have been through many incarnations from a two-piece to a massive 12-piece. What made you settle on your current format?

I model the band after religious figures I'm into at the time. Originally I was really into Adam and Eve. Then I got really into the 12 Apostles. Now it's about the Father, Son, The Holy Spirit, George Costanza and Randy Newman.

You are seemingly on a non-stop tour. Have you found that old-fashioned grassroots marketing still works better than social media?

No, social media is life. We only tour to collect Facebook likes and twitter followers as that is directly proportional to our artistic value. As far as touring goes; Every night is different but building the band brick by brick seems like the strongest foundation.

Interview by Kara Johnson