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Transitshop’s Chris O’Brien first started playing guitar at the age of 12 and went on to develop his skills as a rock lead guitarist. Primarily focusing on distorted tones and complex solos in bands led by others, he found himself sidelined with a shoulder injury in 2009 that hindered his lead guitar ability. After a period of fevered inspiration, he crafted the lushly epic alternative/indie-pop persona that is heard on his trio’s debut, Velocity (Rock Ridge Music). The stunning debut is an infectiously catchy hybrid of classic 1980s new wave transcendence and potent modern pop-punk dynamics.

Have you ever driven a motorcycle?

Not really. I'm pretty sure a Moped doesn't count.

Your music is:

Something unique and interesting. Alot of people have said its like The Cure meets The Police, and Death Cab for Cutie, but take a listen and see for yourself and see what you think.

Best action movie ever:

I found Home Alone 2 to be quite riveting and action packed. Especially the version that they play on TV, the extra commercials really add to the suspense and excitement.

First thing you go for when you are hungry?


Is your phone password protected?

Yup. Or else it will start calling people from my pocket. It still sometimes does.

What do you buy the most?

Beer and Guitar Picks

Have you ever wrapped change?

Haha, thats a random question. I think I have, a long time ago. Now they have those automatic change counters, so you can just throw the change in there.

How did your shoulder injury play into the sound of your music today?

It made the guitar parts a lot more simplified. Same thing with the song arrangements. Also, it got me to start experimenting with synth and electronic sounds, rather than just guitar. Which I probably would have not done otherwise.

You have been compared to numerous bands from almost new wave to modern rock. What genre would you place yourself in?

Thats a tricky question, that I am asked a lot. I usually answer with "Alternative/ Indie-Pop" That seems to cover most angles, but its probably not that simple.

Interview by Kara Johnson