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Over the course of two well-received EPs, Typefighter, consisting of Ryan McLaughlin (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Thomas Orgren (Guitar), John Scoops (Bass) and Will Waikar (Drums), has built a reputation in the nation's capital for their disarming melodicism. The band's new material displays a louder, wilder Typefighter - born of time in the wilderness. The band decamped from its H Street practice space to Vermont to record with veteran producer John Thayer (Exit Clov, Drunken Sufis) in a remote cabin, where they stripped away their customary autoharps and banjos to seek the raw core of their songcraft.

One thing you have been obsessed with lately?

Goats. Goat Simulator is the pinnacle of Western Civilization. If aliens only ever find one artifact to define our culture, I hope it's this

Last person you talked to?

Jon Mann, guitarist/singer for Sunset Guns

Do you put gel in your hair?

No gel. To give you a frame of reference, I just got my first professional haircut in 12 years last week

How old were you when you started walking?

No idea. The normal age, I guess? I do know I was reading by age 2.

What do you put on your hamburger?

Lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo and something spicy. Ketchup and mustard belong on a hot dog. Keep them off of my burger.

Have you ever asked online friends for help passing a game level?

If by online friends you mean Nintendo Power and Google, then yes.

What are you allergic too?

Poison ivy. Like deathly allergic. Like giant blisters and two weeks of misery allergic.

Have you been on the news?

No, but a cop once warned me that continuing to ride down a steep hill in a partially dismantled shopping cart would get me there.

How has the pre-release response been to your album "The End of Everything"?

It's been exciting to have such an overwhelmingly positive reaction to something that we're so proud of and have spent years building up to.

What is the biggest advantage/disadvantage of coming from our nation's capital?

The biggest advantage of coming from DC is its rich punk history. Fugazi and the Dismemberment Plan were fantastic bands to look up to and be able to go see playing for free outdoors at Fort Reno Park every summer. The biggest disadvantage of coming from DC is its rich punk history. People expect to hear Fugazi and the Dismemberment Plan and get upset when your band turns out to be something different.

Interview by Kara Johnson