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Unwritten Law

Unwritten Law: Quickie 10

Upon first glance it would appear that southern California hard rock outfit Unwritten Law had it all in 2002. The group was reaping the benefits of having a #1 hit on modern rock radio with Seeing Red , their album Elva was making its way toward gold sales status, and shows were selling out across the country. However, Unwritten Law had rapidly deteriorated into an abyss of self-destructing behavior that rivaled the drug use and hedonism of the 80 s Sunset strip music scene.

One studio album later and the band went on hiatus to get their lives together. With demons and personal tragedies behind them, Swan sees the band releasing their first studio album in 6 years. It s filled with the pop and punk classics their fans have been waiting for.

We sit down with drummer Dylan Howard...

1. If you received a lucrative offer from a major label, would you return to the beast?
I don't think so. We've found a home and are very comfortable with our Suburban Noize family. They've stuck with us thru the thick, thin and the making of SWAN. And that's saying something.

2. What is your favorite sport to watch?
None of us are huge sports guys, but I've always loved going to baseball games ever since I was a little kid. I think they put something in the peanuts. That or the fact that it's totally ok to publicly bad mouth the other team.

3. My gravestone should read...
here lies dh. Loving son, brother, and mustache purveyor.

4. My "list of 5 people are...
The dude, homer simpson, gandalf, spock, Lemmy

5. Does the blue M&M have special powers?
Yes. Yes it does. It has the power to magically make you crave more m&ms

6. Does a blue Eminem have special powers?
Oooo blue eminem?! Only if he was ten feet tall and could talk to mama nature, avatar style.

7. What is your favorite year of the millennium?
2011, the year we dropped SWAN. Took a long time to wrangled this thing and were so stoked to finally be able to share it.

8. What were you doing exactly 3 hours ago?

Ha! Staring at the inside of my eyelids.

9. What is the most pointless that is popular right now?
Right now?! Dang I'm still hung up on the 'one pant leg rolled up' LL

10. The 3 best tracks on 'Swan' are...
Dark days, sing, starships & apocalypse. Deep grooves, sentiment, and sex. In that order.

Peter Oberth
Interview by Peter Oberth
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