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Vassy: Quickie 10

Sometimes Vassy just needs to be Vassy. This doesn’t get to happen all the time. Because when the native-Australian is serving as a successful songwriter for premier artists all over the globe, Vassy Karaglorgos has to be thinking about someone beside herself. However, for a musician with melodies constantly on her brain, and rhythms perpetually flowing through her body, this is not an easy task. Quite simply, the native-Australian, whose new album Beautiful Day is a hand-clapping, foot-stomping pop parade of giddy proportions, is a creator. And as Vassy says,  “When you’re a creator, you just gotta stay creating.” Being an artist is who she is. “I’ve got things to give people,” she says proudly.

1. If you weren't making music what would you be doing?
Making animal documentaries and helping rescue animals!

2. Who is your go to for advice?
For personal stuff a dear friend of mine and my sister & mum, for business a big Mentor of mine :-) Cant reveal my sources plus i go to church, God is good.

3. Perfume you wear:
My fav is an old skool one called Anais Anais but I love Rive De Gauche YSLR

4. If you threw a themed party what would the theme be?
Greek Gods

5. Fairy Godmother or Genie in a Lamp?
fairy godmother, even tho i prefer Genie’s wardobe lol

6. Last time you were bored?
....dont remember?

7. If you can have anything as a gift what would it be?
an astin martin ;-)))

8. You have had a lot of commercial success, literally.  Your songs have been featured in commercials ranging from Chevy and ESPN to Nike and Victoria's Secret.  Have you found that this route has made it easier or more difficult to get your name heard?
It all helps indeed!

9. Your music has been most commonly compared to artists like M.I.A. and Amy Winehouse.  Are you nervous being associated with such highly controversial artists?
Not at all, its only natural that people do that we all do that its how we identify new faces and its an honor to be in the presense of such authentic artists!

10. Your album "Beautiful Day" was originally slated for a February release, what caused the delayed May 1 date?
....Who knows?? lol My PR pushed the date back....I dont know....

Interview by Kara Johnson