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While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps: Quickie 10

As one of the fastest rising bands on the UK hard rock and metal circuits for some years (Kerrang! ‘Best British Newcomer’ award 2012, #27 debut in the UK Album Charts), the Sheffield quintet which features lead vocalist Lawrence Taylor, Sean Long – guitar, Mat Welsh – guitar/vocals, Aaran Mckenzie – bass guitar and Adam Savage – drums have received critical acclaim across the pages of British staple music publications Kerrang!, Metal Hammer and Rock Sound, with regular airplay on Radio 1, Scuzz and Kerrang! TV.

1. Longest you have gone without sleep:
3 days haha... never againnnn!

2. Do you like rollercoasters?
Fucking love them! I used to be scared of them but as soon as I went on one that went upside down I was hooked from then on.  Cheap fun if you ask me!

3. Where were you 5 years ago?
Working at a skip firm, worst job ever but saying that Aaran [Mckenzie] (bassist, While She Sleeps) and I had a good laugh ever day, thats was probabley the best part because at least I was with my bro. 

4. Go with the flow or rock the boat?
Go with the flow!

5. Favorite extinct animal?
Veloseraptor because of that big fat dirty toe yo!

6. How often do you check Facebook?
Maybe once a week.

7. Did you have posters on your walls when you were young? If so of what/who?
No, I did not.

8. A lot of your label-mates at The End Records (Danzig, Prodigy, The Dandy Warhols) have quite a bit of success already. Is that inspiring for you or does it just add pressure?
Not really... we will continue to do what we have always done and hope people like it :)

9. Hardcore rock has been in hibernation in the U.S. lately. Do you feel that your American debut will help in bringing it back?
I really hope so, we all think its a great record so hopefully it will spice things up!

10. Are there any definitive U.S. tour plans? Any chance of a co-tour with one of your label-mates?
Oh yes, but it's hushhh hushhhhhh :)

Interview by Kara Johnson