12 Monkeys (PREVIEW)

12 Monkeys

Cassandra Complex
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fRIDAYS @ 9/8 c
Air Date: 
Friday, January 16, 2015
The introductory days for Syfy’s 12 Monkey’s is far from over, but the fluidity of the shows storyline seems to be on cue as far as offering up some new pieces to the puzzle while also giving us glimpses at how we got there. 
In The Cassandra Complex Cole is back and forth between times trying to understand the new clues he and Cassandra have uncovered, all the while Cassandra is trying to find some humanity in Cole by trying to understand who he is. When Cassandra finally realizes she has a connection between someone who could help Cole and herself find Dr. Goines’ Night Room she discovers that he’s already deceased. Cole must travel back even further before he dies to retrieve the information. 
Although the show does tend to jump from year to year rather quickly this episode did a good job of revealing some facts about Cole and Ramses in their time. Looks like the facility operators and the prisoners aren’t the only organization in their timelines. We’re even introduced to some new faces that may or may not provide further story progression further down the line. 
The acting is still a little wooden but the special effects are still top notch and the story seems to be finding it’s feet. Looking forward to next weeks episode. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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