12 Rounds (BLU-RAY)

12 Rounds

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 48 Minutes

For the car chase scenes, John Cena trained with the New Orleans Police Department in order to do his own stunt driving.

John McTiernan launched the Die Hard series and, because of scheduling conflicts, could not return for Die Hard 2.  Instead, Renny Harlin took the reigns for the one movie and McTiernan returned for the third installment.  Harlin's 'Die Hard 2: Die Harder' was a near carbon copy of the first film, only set on a plane instead of a building.  The third Die Hard movie, 'Die Hard With a Vengeance', changed up the plot a bit and made it a cat and mouse game of puzzles, taking John Mclaine all over the city.  Harlin must have been a bit jealous that he didn't get to direct that movie so he later set his eyes on 12 Rounds, a similar, albeit weaker, knock off of Die Hard With a Vengeance.

Decent.  The picture is ok throughout, not a lot of grain but not quite enough clarity.

Digital Copy, alternate endings, gag reel, featurettes, behind-the-scenes, blah blah blah.

The bonus features are weak as hell.  Somebody needs to describe to the producers what a "gag reel" is because the one included is nothing more than a behind-the-scenes featurette.  The alternate endings are also not really "alternate" so much as they are the same scene with one line changed.  As I said earlier, the movie itself is a weak carbon copy of Die Hard With a Vengance where the villain sets up a series of puzzles and games for John Mcl....err John Cena's 'Danny" to solve in order to save his girlfriend.  The action is also about as watered down as the script at the acting.  John Cena's performance is near likeable but he comes off more of a less talented Matt Damon on steroids.  All in all?  Catch this one as a rental or, better yet, wait for the TV broadcast.

Peter Oberth
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