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2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls

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Mondays 9/8C

It's said that opposites attract and when it comes to Max (played by Kat Dennings) and Caroline (played by Beth Behrs) these two girls couldn't be more opposite. As a wild, in your face, head strong girl, Max does everything her way only and that way is usually one that leads to trouble. While Caroline was once used to being rich, pampered, and having everything her way, now she has to learn to live with Max in their small apartment with no money, and horse. Working as waitresses the girls try to save money so they can open up their own cupcake business. Hatching a plan to appear on a contest show for making cupcakes the girls might have the possibility of having their dreams come true. Everything is looking up for the girls as they get a chance to have Martha Stewart taste their cupcakes and Caroline fines a man that might be perfect for her. All that's left is for the other foot to drop down but when it does can Max and Caroline still be all sweet?

Alright, I've been watching 2 Broke Girls since the show debuted on CBS in 2012. What drew me to the show was Kat Dennings and since then I've been watching, still mainly because of her but also because the show is pretty funny. This show has crude and raunchy humor while also having the typical jokes where they make fun of the other cast. It's not one of those shows that will make you think, it's not one where the jokes are dry, all 2 Broke Girls is, is a show that has 2 female leads that work well with each other, the humor is crude yet funny, and it don't hurt any that Kat Dennings is one beautiful woman.

In this season the writers try to expand on the idea of having the girls get their own cupcake business and actually end up giving it to them. At first I didn't quite like that they were doing this so soon in the show when this plot point could have been saved for later shows in a later season. I was still expecting the show to continue on with them trying to save money to get their own shop so it was a surprise to see that the show lead to them getting it so quickly. However, I might have disliked the idea of it at first I liked where they went with it and how it ends at the end of the season. It was a good twist to the show that did what I think other shows don't do, make it seem more realistic with some of the usual embellishment that TV shows have.

Which when I say realistic I mean that the characters who work as waitresses in a diner also live in an apartment that would cost more than what both make in a month for rent while also having them going to places that would be expensive and having the time of their lives. 2 Broke Girls instead says it in the title, they are 2 girls that have no money. They live in a dumpy small apartment, they can barely pay their bills, and their lives aren't that great. But it's because of this, and the humor that I like the show. It's a good escape from the normal TV shows as well as a good way to get some easy laughs. The cast works well off each other, the writing continues to push the norm, and it's good to see a show that has strong female leads that are funny.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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