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21st Century Serial Killer

21st Century Serial Killer

On DVD: 
Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Running Time: 
75 minutes

Finding your place in the world is not an easy task and for some it can be near impossible. For Aaron Schwartz, finding what he wants to be in life is simple, he wants to be remembered. Having tried many fields that could make him part of history and having them all fail, Aaron decides that his path is actually pretty clear, he will become a serial killer. All he has to do is find his victim, kill them, and then keep doing it until he becomes one of the worlds most famous killers and live on in history. Though he learns that even being a serial killer is not as easy as he once thought.

I couldn't tell if the acting in this movie was being done in a bland, over reaching, over dramatic style on purpose or of these actors are just that bad when it comes to being actors. I'm hoping that it is done on purpose because then it would add to the films satire take on the dark humor of the subject of being a serial killer. It's was rough watching this because the main actors didn't have any emotion in their character. I can see that being true for the character of Aaron who wants to be a serial killer, he should have an odd attitude and mannerism about him with wanting to be a serial killer. Not his wife though, the other Eron, who is just as bland and unemotional with her acting. There's a scene near the start of the movie where they are in bed together talking about how she wants to go to a writers seminar but there's no passion there. If it's on purpose then they did wonderful but if not, then this is just horrible. The characters have a huge gap between them, they don't seem like they are in love (which for Aaron I can see it but for his wife she don't know he's wanting to be a killer so why would she be talking to him as if she was reading lines from a book) but there's no chemistry or passion between them. The acting in this was either good if on purpose or horrible if they were actually trying to be real, either way I can't like it cause I don't know.


Got to say this was pretty original when it comes to a plot line. I did like the idea of this guy who wants to become someone that will be remembered decides he will become a killer. Then when he can't do it we get to see what he has to do to make that dream a possibility. It's dark, it's creepy, and even though I didn't care much for the acting the plot has so much potential. There's this dark humor to it that made me wonder if I should laugh when what I'm laughing at is a guy thinking about killing a kid dressed as a clown (him a clown not the kid). This takes on a different aspect to being a killer where instead of showing people going after the killer or having the killer trying to escape the police, we get a glimpse into the mind of the someone who is crazy as he takes us on this demented journey for fame.

He's what I didn't like about the story, it was way too slow. At the start of it there is this monolog by Aaron talking about what he has been doing to becoming known and remembered. This would be fine if it was short, maybe 5 minutes in length, than this monolog would have been fine. It's supposed to be a quick introductory to the character but it's far from being quick. When the opening credits roll I realized that this dialog had been going on for far too long. I got the gist of it pretty quickly, he wants to be famous by becoming a killer but he can't kill. That was enough, get on with the movie now, but it don't, that dialog just kept going and going. Also there are too many silent/too low level of the music being played or not played. Having the right sound playing will enhance the scene but what is there don't enhance it. One thing I did like, which I don't think helps the movie any, is the opening titles. They are cool, the colors are cool, and I just like how they are where set up. I liked the idea of the story and I did at times like the character Aaron, but it ultimately had me wanting more than thinking that this movie was being used as some sort of push to make a comment on society.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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