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24: S4 (Preview)


On DVD: 
Tuesday, September 9, 2003
On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The actors are not told in advance as to what will happen from episode to episode so none of them know whether or not they will be written out of the series

That’s right, I was lucky enough to see the first three episodes of 24’s Season 4. I am going to do my best not to give anything away to all you fans out there; but I also want to give a little insight into what’s in store.

It is 18 months later after the viral threat was stopped and it seems like they are starting fresh all around (which wouldn’t be hard to guess from how they ended last season). It also seems that they are taking their time in setting up the plot this time around instead of just diving right in.

The first episode I did not like; and it was not due to bad writing, bad acting, or lack of creativity. It was because there are a lot of new faces around (and I stress a lot). So most of the episode, while they were setting up the plot to come, I was mumbling about how I just KNOW that this new person won’t match up to the person who’s place they took. I will say now that Jack is there so no need to worry about that; but I grew to love numerous characters from other seasons and am having a hard time getting over that they are not there. Also in the first episode Jack is happy, which is strange to see. There is some action in this episode; but the story around Jack is slowly and carefully building. Though I did not like this episode I think if you are prepared for the lack of familiar faces you will enjoy it; but if you watch it and do not like it, keep going. I promise it will get better.

The second episode you are really introduced to Jack’s new nemesis. Erin Driscoll, head of CTU, is in the first episode and you get a feel that she will get in Jack’s way; but in this one you can see how much. This is one of those characters you are suppose to love to hate. However, I feel they went a little over the top on this one because there is not a likeable thing about her at all and she has NO personality as of yet. At least Sherry and Nina had feelings there (even though they were cold), and there were times where they were semi-likeable or at least respected for their persistency. Erin seems like the type that is going to flip-flop all season at any sign of pressure, and I don’t think she will get her hands dirty at all. This episode does however reveal more of what the threat is for the season; and it is eerily close to things happening in the world today. Jack is starting to come around and back into the Jack we all know and love. The plot picks up a little more and starts to catch your attention. Trust me hang in there it is still getting better.

The third episode the story is finally feeling like it is falling into place. Of course any fan of 24 knows that what you think is the main story hardly ever is, so I should say the story they want us to “think” is the main story right now is falling into place. Many characters are developed to the point that you are no longer distracted by the new faces. Also you have been introduced to some of the “terrorists” characters. After some warming up and getting back into it Jack Bauer’s character is regaining his edge. It is starting to feel like 24 again.

Even though I know I am completely hooked now, I am not sure how this season will match up to others. Three episodes really aren’t enough to judge that. It seems that this season they are going for a more “believable” story than they have in the past (you know nuclear weapons, breaking people out of jail, cougars attacking the continuously kidnapped Kim). And while it may seem that it will cause this season to be calmer than others there is a good bit of action in the first three episodes. While building up the characters and plot there are several explosions, gun fire, a few dead, and a trail of suspects and those you don’t trust. I think they are going to continue to shock and break new ground. And while there are a lot of new faces, you never know if one or two old ones may appear in later episodes (not likely; but you never know). There will be a 2 day four hour premiere Sunday Jan. 9, 8:00-10:00pm and Monday Jan. 10, 8:00-10:00pm. Be sure you notice 24 has been moved to a new night, Monday. It will interesting to see what they have in store for us this year.

Review by Pandora
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