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30 Rock: Season Seven

30 Rock

Season Seven
On DVD: 
Tuesday, May 7, 2013

~Audio Commentary: Tina Fey, Jane Krakowskia and Tracy Wigfield Writer/Producer

~Deleted Scenes

~"Donaghy Files" Animated Webisodes

~Season Finale Retrospect

I’ve followed the show since day one. I loved how it made fun of itself, it’s counterpart (SNL), and pretty much joked about materialism and fame, even poking fun at the casts own personal and professional lives. It was stupid funny at its best, but I had my doubts when the show hit its sixth, and somewhat less funny, season. When the rumor started going around that the show was being cancelled I kind of just shrugged. I don’t even think I saw the last half of season six because it sucked so bad, but like Desperate Housewives, when its head was on the chopping block, the show put in a great final season before saying good bye.

In the 7th and final season we find Jack attempting to “Tank” NBC in a plot that may land him the ultimate role, Network President. Liz is busy trying to have a baby with Chris (James Marsden; X Men) but can’t seem to find the time or the motivation to enjoy their planned sessions until she discovers a way to merge work and sex into one, and not in the way you think. Tracy, as always, is kind of background noise, but eventually has some kick when he discovers that he’s as healthy as he’s ever been and will probably live to become and old man. How will he handle the news? Jenna, after performing a somewhat plagiarized song, becomes a huge hit in Florida, the only state in the union that is still undecided in the presidential election. Will Jenna decide the next President of the United States.

I’ll be honest, I probably wouldn’t have watched this season, after giving up on the show in season 6, but seeing as it was a work assignment, and I’m glad it was, I did, and I loved it. The show is pretty much back to form, ironically, with Tina Fey hitting all the right one liners, Tracy Morgan eating up the scenes that he’s in, Jack McBrayer hitting all the right subtle moments and finally seeing his character grasp his destiny, and Alec Baldwin overdoing it in just the right way.

I’m glad the show got its last chance to make us laugh, and as much as I wish it could stick around for one more season (especially after this one), I’m glad it went out with a bang. I look forward to seeing what the cast does on a grand scale as individuals now that the show is over. In any case, season 7, totally worth checking out. Enjoy.