5 Days of War (BLU-RAY)

5 Days of War

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Running Time: 
113 minutes

War has always been a popular subject of film, as touchy as it may be. The majority of times, it’s from a soldier’s perspective or from their loved ones at home. 5 Days of War brings audiences the viewpoint of a group of journalists caught in the middle of two battling nations. Is the war any different from their eyes or is this just another typical bloodbath of a film?

The quality of 5 Days of War has its ups and downs, but you’ll primarily be pleased with the digital transfer. For the most part, images are crisp and there is little noise or other unwanted distractions. Some of the scenes are shot from the point of view of the journalist’s cameras so there’s a slight drop in quality there, but that is to be expected. Unfortunately, some of the explosions and other special effects look extraordinarily unrealistic. Maybe it’s just the high quality of the film, but they clearly stand out as fake and take you out of the story.

That being said, the sound quality is amazing. Bullets whiz by and the sound of the explosions can be deafening. It’s almost like you’re actually there in the war with the reporters and soldiers. It may not be Saving Private Ryan, but it manages to be pretty close.

- Commentary with Producer/Director Renny Harlin
- Deleted Scenes
- Trailers

The bonus features themselves aren’t anything special. It’s your typical commentary and deleted scenes (which happen to be in HD thankfully). The movie itself is pretty good and offers up something a little different than what many audiences are used to seeing. If you’re looking for something new and different, 5 Days of War is worth checking out. 

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