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6 Souls

6 Souls

Running Time: 
1 Hour, 52 Minutes

Solving the mystery of multiple personality disorders is what Dr. Cara Harding (played by Julianne Moore) excels at. With her husbands death her faith in God was nearly lost but in it's place was science. Cara's father finds cases that are out of the ordinary for her to study in hopes to rekindle her faith he hopes that they will force her to see more than just the black and white of life . When presented with a case that is more unique then any she's been on puts Dr. Cara into a situation that now endangers her families lives and her faith.

This movie had me fooled, I thought it was going to be this scary, psychological thriller that was going to be about some evil dude with 6 different souls. Adam (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers) the main villain of the movie at first seems like a normal guy who just so happens to have another personality in his head. At first it's made to seem like he is some crazy guy in a hospital but with every time he has screen time the movie gets odder and odder. Which is part of the problem with this movie, it starts to bring in to many of the personalities to make the story creepier but it got further away from explaining what was going on. It's as if the idea for the movie was established to be about a guy who was possessed by multiple souls but everyone believes he's just crazy. To make it be creepy they just kept adding more moments that would have been creepy on their own but with the others building on the next, these “creepy” moments started to get old.
I was wanting 6 Souls to be this really creepy movie that would make me think differently about anyone who might have multiple personalities. Instead it's a movie that turned out to be way too long with not enough explanation as to what's going on. When the reason why Adam is why he is, it's done in a rush so that it could easily be missed. In fact with it taking so long to get to the explanation I was loosing interest in the plot and I can see how someone could be distracted enough to miss finding out what's really going. When the movie first starts 6 Souls presented itself as being about a woman on a quest to prove that there is no multiple personality disorder, which was interesting in the technique Dr. Cara Harding was using. But then it became a movie about religion and faith that ends with some dude being possessed by a evil soul. This movie falls apart after a solid start, it has no cohesion, and the more they tried to make sense of what's going on the more confusing it got.

This movie might not have a solid story when it comes to the plot but the acting in it is pretty good. Julianne Moore works well with her character as she plays a woman who just wants to find the scientific proof that people know what they are doing when claiming they have multiple personalities. She's analytical when talking to her patiants and warm when she's around her family. In a way she plays a character that shows the different personalities she has when dealing with different people. I know this wasn't the case or it don't seem that way but it does make for a good character. However, Jonathan Rhys Meyers gives the best performance in this movie as he has to play all these different characters. He also pulls off that really creepy vibe that's needed for his role and is underused in this movie. If one main personality was focused on rather than showing all the different ones, not only would this movie been better but it would have allowed Meyers to build his character into something more.

At the start of 6 Souls it was going to go into territory that's not overly used. For this I was more impressed and drawn into the movie as I was thinking it was going to be about having this scientific way to prove that people really are not crazy. Then as it progressed some I was seeing a movie that was going to make the scientist question her theories when someone who was actually crazy with multiple personalities was put in front of her. Sadly though the movie went away from this intriguing idea for one that's been done way too many times, faith in something more than just the normal day to day life.

This high definition movie looks good on Blu Ray, in fact better then I expected this movie to look. Being an actor today must be tough when a movie comes out with this much detail in the picture quality. Considering all the close ups that show the details, good and bad, of the actors faces, as well as everything else in the scene. I wasn't too thrilled about the dark quality that this movie has in it at times but it does set the mood for the scene playing. On the flip side of having good coloring, lighting that creates moods, and fine detail, the audio was not at the full potential of a Blu Ray. The audio is not that low but it's at a level that a ok DVD would be set at. There's also no special features given on the Blu Ray, not even commentary has been added to this Blu Ray. 


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