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A Tribute To Michael Been: The Call featuring Robert Levon Been

A Tribute To Michael Been

(The Call featuring Robert Levon Been)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Music is a personal experience for everyone, it's something that we all share but we all have different experiences, memories, and reactions to the music that we listen to. Writing the reviews of those songs I talk about those experiences as well as what I think the band or artist is feeling with the music. "A Tribute To Michael Been" by The Call featuring Robert Levon Been is one album that I would say is more personal than most when it comes to the musician Robert Levon Been as he performs in this concert. That is because Robert Levon Been is the son of Michael Been of the band The Call and this is his tribute to his father.

Seeing that this album was a tribute I had to look up about the album to find out what I could and that is the information above that I found. It's a heartfelt live performance of a son giving a tribute to his father, that's something that I can respect even if the music was band, which it's not, I could respect that it was being done. This was one of the better live performances that I've listened in a while and if it hadn't been for the audience cheering and it saying that it was live, I wouldn't have believed that it was a live performance. The clarity of the songs being played sound more like a studio recorded album then a live performance. Granted, there is an audio tech working levels during the concert, they check the equipment before going on, but it's still live and being I work in live television, I know how easily and how often mistakes happen and how nothing ever goes as planned or perfectly. Not the case with this live performance because as many times as I listened to it I couldn't find any flaws in it. This does not sound at all live when it comes to the quality, it's that good.

This is also an emotional set of songs. The lyrics are emotional and at times a little spiritual but they are also very catchy and addictive. I liked the bass, which is the key instrument for Been, and it's what stands out in the songs when it comes to the instruments. What drives the songs however are the vocals that are rich and smooth. It's a really enjoyable album to listen to that has full, rich sounds being played, there's a mellow sort of energy to them, and they put a little inspiration into you as you listen. But the CD is not the only part to be included with this album. There is also a DVD of the concert that includes a few songs that the CD don't have, though the CD does the same. I listened to the CD first before watching the DVD, not sure if that mattered much but I think I enjoyed the DVD a bit more because I got the to experience the sound of the music before I saw them being played. Though to be honest, when I listen to this album, I will choose the CD over the DVD, though the DVD is good, the songs are performed with the same levels of skill and clarity, but my speakers on my television are not as good as my headphones that gave me more in depth of an experience when listening.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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