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Above Suspicion: Set 2

Above Suspicion

On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 6, 2012
Bonus Features

Behind the Scenes, Conversations with Cast Crew and Lynda La Plante, Photo Gallary, and More

When a former police officer is found shot to death at a known drug house, DI Anna Travis (played by Kelly Reilly) is put on the case to find out who killed a colleague. Working once again with DCS James Langton (played by Ciaran Hinds), Anna Travis finds herself on a case that quickly becomes more than a homicide. Finding a drug known on the street as "Drop Dead", the detectives start to find a clue that lead them to a man who is presumed dead. Can a man who is dead be the dealer of one of the most lethal drugs on the planet and what would the FBI's most wanted be doing in a small time drug house?

SET 2:
Let me start with saying how much it annoys me that I like how Above Suspicion ended. Oh I won't give the details but I will tell you this, you won't get an actual ending. It annoys me because I sat through this thinking I was going to find out who did this murder, why they did it, what they where doing, and all the other little things going on in the show but all that I get were 3 episodes that ends where I was left with no closure. I'm now going to have to find set 3 so I can find out what the characters of Anna Travis and James Langton do. I also liked it because I was pulled along in this mystery of who done it where I watched it waiting for the killer to be revealed and then was left with a cliffhanger. Most shows are wrapped up by the end of the first episode, sometimes there's 2 parts, but not only is Above Suspicion a 3 part show that ends with no answer making me want to know what's going to happen next.

What makes this show different and in the end what made me like it was not that the actors are British with those accents, though that did make it a little more fun to watch, but it's the fact that the show didn't end in just one episode. Watching this felt more like a movie rather than a television show. By having each episode bring up more questions than answer while also allowing the case to not be solved in an hour was interesting. Above Suspicion didn't fall to the normal outline of mystery shows by revealing the killer at the start along with the reason and then shows the police going after them, which it did then I would have been bored with it. Instead, Above Suspicion shows the killer without ever showing him while only giving broad clues as to what he is doing but not why exactly he is doing it. Not only was I (and still am) in the dark as to what was going on and who was doing it but so where the police. It was almost like I was part of the police team trying to figure out what was going on.

This aspect made me get involved with the show, it pulled me into the plot where I paid attention to everything that was being said because I never knew what was going to be important and what wasn't. It's a mystery crime drama that actually has a mystery to it. Include the fact that the actors do a wonderful performance with their characters and Above Suspicion was a surprise I wasn't expecting. Though the show still has its flaws, mainly being that if you are like me and you start with Set 2 then you won't know what's going on. These characters have history, Anna and James have once worked together but I didn't know that nor do I know why he keeps getting angry with her. There's also a few times when the detectives just seem to know where to go and that took away some of the appeal of it being a follow along mystery. Though the biggest negative for this DVD was that it didn't have any closer. I've never heard of this show before so I went in it without any idea of what I was getting into and by the end I'm still not sure who these characters are but now I got to find Set 3 just to get some closure on the mystery.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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