Ace Ventura Jr. Pet Detective

Ace Ventura Jr. Pet Detective

On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Running Time: 
93 Minutes

When a baby panda on loan from China is kidnapped its up to Ace Ventura Jr. to track down the kidnappers and save the baby panda as well as Ace’s Mother who was framed for the kidnapping. Can his Ventura wits help him? Join Ace and his sidekick Oxnard as a new chapter in the Ventura family is born.

I watched this one alone the first time round and had to admit that my assumptions about Josh Flitter, a kid who I thought was destined to be huge after his small role in Nancy Drew, were correct. Flitter has great comedic timing as well as the ability to make a character his own. I thought he did an amazing job in this film. The film itself was unstable at times but the second and third time I watched the film, once with my kids and the next with my kids and my wife, it was absolutely enjoyable. Its definitely not a film you should take seriously. I’d put it up there with a film like Master of Disguise which was hilarious and cute but nothing Oscar worthy.

The DVD comes with a lot of cool bonus features. The Gag Reel is probably our favorite and some of the extended and deleted scenes were totally worth checking out. The featurettes, and there are many, range from talking to the actors and director to introducing the animals from the film, the kids enjoyed the animal featurettes a lot. So keep in mind that this is a kids film and just enjoy yourself and you’ll be fine. Kids loved it and as long as their happy I’m happy. Enjoy.   

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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