In Theatres: 
Aug 28, 2009
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 27 Minutes

Retelling of a classic story - rich daddy’s girl trying to make it on her own falls for a not so perfect guy that daddy doesn’t approve of.

Adam (Hugh Dancy) is a sweet 29 year old engineer with his nose stuck in the stars. Beth is a cosmo girl wannabe-writer school teacher. They happen to meet when Beth moves into Adam’s building (bit implausible for a school teacher to be in a brownstone in NYC but its Hollywood – it’s romantic). And being Hollywood, of course our love birds have to have something more than an annoying rich daddy to complicate their union. Adam is flawed with Asperger syndrome, a mild version of autism. Of course it wouldn’t be politically correct if Beth falls for someone with more complicated disabilities so let’s pick one that sort of fits but still allows our hunky actor to function. sigh Ok ok ok it’s sweet. I got sucked in. I really felt for poor Adam. His life is getting pretty complicated with events and then he has to complicate things even more by falling in love. I usually can’t stand the poor little rich girl characters but Rose Byrne doesn’t take Beth over the top into that annoying area. She keeps her grounded so I could relate to her dilemma.  Love is tricky but gets even trickier when dealing with someone that has a social disorder. It’s a sweet little romantic story that tries to teach us that we have to do what’s in our hearts. We have to follow our own paths to be happy.

The acting is “good enough.” The story is old but they brushed it off and added a little – not much and probably not enough but it will do. It’s absolutely a chick flick. And it’s probably not a movie you have to spend $10 to see. Renting it later would be sufficient. In fact, it may be better to be able to curl up on the couch and enjoy.

Review by Sheree Cobernus