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Adam & I: Adam & I

Adam & I

(Adam & I)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, February 11, 2014

“Adam & I” are a singer/songwriter duo from Phoenix, AZ that are currently residing in Nashville, TN. Adam and Andrea Melia make up “Adam & I” and have been making music together since 2011. Their sound is described as a mix of Folk, Alternative, and Americana. Their first full-length self-titled album was released on February 11, 2014. They have received a lot of critical praise and do everything on the album from vocals to piano to mandolin to even playing the mouth harp.
Overall, the album was very relaxing to listen to and the instrumentals were carefully constructed to submerse into their world. The lyrics were easy to follow, but complex enough to get you thinking and feeling what they were singing about. However, Andrea’s vocals were more pleasing to the ears and outshined Adam on every song she sang. I would have liked to have heard Andrea sing more and have Adam stick to the instruments. My favorite songs on the album were “We have love” and “If I’m taken.” This album is worth a listen and for those reasons, I am giving “Adam & I” a “B-.”

Paul Arca
Review by Paul Arca
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