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Adam Marsland: The Owl and the Full Moon

The Owl and the Full Moon

(Adam Marsland)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 18, 2013

People say that retro is in, though that's not saying alot becuase there's always someone old that's cool or just being found out about by the younger generation. When listening to music though I prefer the old songs, the classic rock, the 80's metal, rock, and pop, and even the 90's now is retro. When I listened to The Owl and the Full Moon by Adam Marsland I almost thought I had just put in a CD that was from the 70's This album has a retro sound to it from the late 70's.
Adam Marsland has a wonderfully good 70's rock/blues/pop sound in his vocals and the music. What Adam Marsland has done is create songs that are fun, they are catchy, and oh they are fun. Yeah, I know I said fun twice but that's because they are fun to listen to. There's a playfulness in these songs and I like them all the more for it. Not all of the songs are playful, Adam Marsland still includes the somewhat sad song and sounds on this album but it does not bring the vibe the album puts out down any.
It's easy to get caught up in these songs. Something that I noticed was with how Adam Marsland's vocals has this raw, unedited quality to them. He has a good voice, he can make his pitch be a little high when needed and he has a good tempo that matches the songs. But he also don't sound like he's been put through a sound mixer. It's almost what you would hear if you were sitting around a camp fire and he started to sing. His voice is good but there's a raw quality to it, which just adds to the power of the songs. The Owl and the Full Moon (by the way, cool name for an album) has good energy in the songs, the vocals are good, and the lyrics are easy to follow and easy to sing along with, but most of all the songs are just fun to listen to.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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