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Tuesday, March 6, 2012
Where is Land of Ooo

According to creator Pendleton Ward the Land of Ooo is a part of Earth as a post apocalyptic world.

In the Land of Ooo lives a human boy named Finn and his friend Jake a dog who only want to go around having as much fun as they possibly can. With the world once again containing magic, mermaids, and all sorts of other imaginary, fairy tale, scary creatures, finding a fun adventure is the easiest thing for the two pals to do. What’s not so easy is being able to survive the adventures through the Land of Ooo as they have to fight evil fathers that want to suck out the souls of everything, tricky magicians that want to enslave them, talking fruit, there’s even zombies that make the Land of Ooo one wild Adventure Time.

It’s rare that I watch a show that has me questioning my own sanity and while watching Adventure Time I sure felt like something had snapped inside my brain. I’m not sure what the point of the show is except complete utter chaos. Adventure Time comes on the station Cartoon Network and I’ve seen the ads for the show aired but I’ve never watched it because I always thought it was one of those cartoons that was for kids under the age of 7. Right now I really can’t figure out if it is meant for kids or not because though the characters and landscape is drawn like it would be it’s the topics of the episodes and some of the characters that make me think it’s for teenagers and up.

With the first episode on the DVD “It Came From” I was blown away by what I was watching. In this episode there’s a girl that’s a vampire playing an axe as a bass that sings about her father that don’t love her. After that first 2 minutes of the show passes the father comes out and he’s what I’m guessing is the devil as he goes around sucking out the souls of all the creatures in the Land of Ooo. Seeing this episode took away any and all theories I had about the show and replaced them with a response of “uh what”.
Once I actually got accustomed to just how random and crazy this show is I was able to start to enjoy it. I can honestly say that I never knew what I was going to be seeing next in each of the 16 episodes. Every episode features new crazy plots that take the characters through a world that still has magic, talking games, princesses, and the ability to make black holes with a bubble blower. This show was completely insane and makes no sense at all, it was still fun to watch. It has such originality that it can’t be boring but it also makes it impossible to just wrap my mind around it. At first I tried to make sense of the show but that just didn’t work, especially when the characters can instantly grow in size and shape, can make reality out of their imagination, and fly like it was the normal made it fun to watch but completely senselss.

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