Adventure Time: The Complete Fourth Season

Adventure Time: The Complete Fourth Season

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014
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Finn and his best friend Jake, the 28 year-old dog that has magical powers, are out to have one crazy fun adventure. Their goal in life, have the most fun that they can while they go out exploring the Land of Ooo. It's a goal that they accomplish by going on adventures where they will fight zombie candy, saving Princess Bubblegum, and of course getting to party with Marceline the Vampire Queen and that crazy ax guitar of hers.
During my life I've watched a lot of cartoons, from the old Saturday Morning Cartoons to the ones on Cartoon Network, but I got to say that Adventure Time is one of the oddest ones that I've seen in awhile. It's set in a post apocalyptic world where a boy that wears a odd hat has a best friend that's a dog with magic power. There's so many odd things that happen in this show that it's so odd that it's almost impossible to not like. I have met some people that don't like the show ad I think Adventure Time is one of those shows that you really like, you don't get, or you don't like. With this fourth season and with watching it on Blu Ray, I liked all the oddities that where happening.
In this season there are the main character of Finn and Jake, as well as Marceline, but there where new ones like the Graybles. I think they are new, I've seen the show before but that was years ago and I'm now skipping to this season so with not seeing the shows leading up to this season I could be mistaken. What this show has going for it and what makes it so fun to watch is all the oddities. Like the episode where Jake goes to Mars, gets transformed into someone else, and has a trial with Abraham Lincoln. There's also one episode that deals with BMO looking for Finn's missing sock, yeah, it's an episode about a hunt for a sock. Then again it is called Adventure Time and having to deal with monsters, magic, a demonic wishing eye, an Ice King, and even secret plots that involve a bear, a book, and a snail. Get this though, that's only a few of the episodes and what happens in them, there are 26 episodes in this season and they all are full of odd stories, characters, but a lot of fun.
This is a Blu Ray that looks just alright but also has some bright colors. What I mean by this is that the picture quality of the Blu Ray has a few moments when I saw some pixilation in some areas but all the different colors are bright and crisp. I get the feeling that this show looks either no different or not much different on Blu Ray as it does when airing on television. The audio wasn't as good as it should be being on Blu Ray. It's not a clear and full as the audio levels can be but it's just at the average levels of being OK. When buying a Blu Ray I want it to be great, not just Ok and what I get watching on TV and this is what this Blu Ray is.

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