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Aesthetic Perfection: Til Death

Til Death

(Aesthetic Perfection)
Aesthetic Perfection offer up their latest album Til Death on February 11th on Metropolis Records. The album features 10 band new tracks from the electronic outfit that seem themed almost completely in differing aspects of love. 
For me, this was my bread and water back in the day. I loved electronic music, still sort of do. Til Death seems to encapsulate a wide variety of the genre from both it’s light and heavy form. Almost all of it is danceable, some of it flirting dangerously with a pop sensibility (Big Bad Wolf), while other tracks seem to get the balance right (Death Rattle). 
I found that the album seemed to be divided. If you divide the album in half you get tracks that have great club appeal but seem very playfully written. The other tracks on the album seem to have something more to say with a darker demeanor. Showtime is a great track that seems treated more with kid gloves then others. It has an epic sound to it with more of a design strictly meant for connection rather then movement. 
Til Death was an interesting album to cover. Like I said, it’s a great conglomeration of electronic sound that makes great use of the wide range of sounds coming from the genre. It’s an album divided to me, but that’s okay because both halves seems to have something to offer that can come together in the end. An enjoyable spin and well worth checking out. Enjoy. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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