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Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero: Complete Series

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero: Complete Series

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Aesthetic of a Rouge Hero is the tale of Akatsuki and Miu. Miu is the daughter of a dark lord whom Akatsuki defeated in another realm. Upon his death, the dark lord handed custody of his daughter to Akatsuki and gave her the message that if Akatsuki ever becomes less then qualified to care for her she has permission to destroy him. 
When the two go back to Akatsuki’s realm they join a combat school and quickly become the fascination of all, including the school council made of up of their peers. Posing as brother and sister they begin their training, but between the action there’s also more then enough fan service to make Aesthetic of a Rouge Hero the Porky’s of the anime world. 
The series didn’t blow me away. There seems to be this need in the series to focus on sunlight. In exterior wide out shots, and even in interior close up shots, light streams across the picture, fading out color and clarity. Color and sharpness aren’t exactly eye popping in the series either way. 
This is a lite series so it only extends a good 12 episodes and the story is pretty minimalist. That being said, most of the action is fairly standard stuff, but it isn’t completely bogged down by fan service. Either way I attribute this formula to possibly being the reason why the series isn’t as polished as previous releases from Funimation. 
~Original Videos (1080p; 23:05)
~Promotional Videos (1080p; 4:00)
~Akatsuki Promo Video (1080p; 00:32)
~Haruka Promo Video (1080p; 00:32)
~Miu Promo Video (1080p; 00:32)
~Textless Opening Song "Realization" (1080p; 1:32)
~Textless Closing Song "Ai No Sei De Nemurenai" (1080p; 1:32)
~U.S. Trailer (1080p; 1:05)
~Episode 2 Commentary features Alexis Tipton, Monica Rial and Felecia Angelle.
~Episode 8 Commentary features Joel McDonald, Ryan Reynolds, and Eric Vale.
~DVD/BD Versions
~Limited Edition Box
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